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This work is grounded in the belief that all of our emotions are informed by a deep truth and intelligence that is asking for us to LISTEN.  Through singing and vocalizing with empathy and presence, we give these necessary emotions the space and attention they deserve.  What happens in this process cannot be predetermined, but often people find themselves more able to transcend, or “walk with,” undesirable emotions, rather than being consumed or weighted down by them. 

It is like the blues song that carries sadness in such a way that it becomes BEAUTIFUL and SOUL SOOTHING.  Often the melodies or songs that arise from these sessions are like a salve for the wounds we carry.

And yet it isn’t all about moving through sadness.  So much of this process is about basking in the sheer joy of our internal sounds, opening our throats and hearts to singing just for the innate pleasure of it, and letting our selves resonate with other voices and the world around us.  Singing literally is like an INTERNAL MASSAGE for our bodies, it is one of the most beneficial things we can do for our health and well being.


In this work, I walk alongside you and join my voice with yours.

This is not a healing that I perform on you; I enter into it with you. 

In other words, if you are tuning in to something difficult, I am tuning in to it too.

Supporting both of us is the beautiful drone of my low toned singing bowl and banjo.

Rates and Location


Individual Sooth Singing sessions are 1 hour @ $60

(or sliding scale $40-$90)


Update:  I am currently offering sessions in Joshua Tree, CA in March and April of 2019


Portland Sessions will resume in May,

at the Claybourne Commons, in a secluded, cave-like space downstairs

in the courtyard behind Relish

6637 SE Milwaukie Ave., Suite A
Portland, OR 97202


House Calls and Nature Sessions are available per request Friday through Monday


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about a session before booking, please feel free to contact me at


What is the flow and  structure of a SoothSinging session?

First session:

We dive in deep and take some time initially to talk about anything you may be currently struggling with or sitting with, including blocks around vocalizing and singing.  Often I guide you through a short meditation, and then we then drop into a vocal journey together. This looks really different for each individual person, though as we near the end of the you may notice that some of the weight you walked in with will be lightened, and you will feel more open to singing and exploring your voice on your own.  Perhaps there will be a great epiphany! At various points throughout the session I will check in with you to make sure you are getting what you need.

The first session is like a key to opening the voice.  After that, we continue to explore various aspects of our relationship to voice and sound.

Subsequent sessions:

Now the fun really begins, as we open the door to the voice even wider and introduce much more experimentation and play.  These sessions are focused around exploring different sounds, syllables and tones, improvising with melodies, and connecting your vocal practice to other aspects of your life.  We may also choose to continue to work on things that came up in the first session through more deep vocal process work. While you continue to sing in a supportive and nourishing container we will touch on the edge of comfort zones while celebrating and resting in your natural vocal strengths.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have blocks around singing?  What if I am afraid to sing, or I don’t think I have a good voice?

Then you have something in common with most of the people who come to me for sessions.  In fact, most people have some type of block around vocalizing and singing, myself included.  Often our personal struggles in various aspects of our lives are directly related to our voices being silenced, shunned or ignored.  Many of us were even told to not sing, or that we had a bad voice. The voices of women, POC, queer and trans people and other marginalized groups have been particularly silenced and oppressed for centuries. This is an opportunity to speak to those blocks in a safe setting and give your voice the space it deserves.

How is this different from other types of “sound healing”?

Often sound healing takes place in a predominantly passive setting, meaning that the client is often lying down and receiving sound and music that is played by the practitioner.  While there are great health benefits to that type of work, it is not what I typically do.

In a typical session you would be sitting upright facing me, and we would both go on a vocal journey together.  I do use singing bowls, melodic drums, and other instruments, but they serve as a supportive backbone to our vocal work, not as the central focus.  

How many sessions are necessary?

It depends on what you hope to achieve, and the nature of each individual session.  For many people one session is enough to inspire and empower them to continue to grow and deepen their relationship with voice.

Sound to Song Workshops

Co-Creative Medicine Song Weaving

-celebrating individual voices within resilient communities-

This workshop is most often offered to pre-existing groups centered around a common purpose or struggle, such as non-profits and support groups. It is essentially a journey, from sound to song, in which our struggles and emotions are the entry point, our voices are the medicine, and our creativity the spark that brings our most authentic selves into the writing of a song.  This song is something that everyone can take home with them, to remind them of the purpose, integrity, and resonant fullness of the group and the individual voices within it.

The intention in these sessions is to enter into the space where authentic music that speaks to the soul is born.  In turn that music helps guide us towards our own authenticity, connection, belonging and purpose in relation to the group and the world around us.  

So much healing and social change is continuously born out of the human need to gather together with those who share common interests, hardships, desires or goals.  There is so much power and momentum within communities, and yet it can be hard to maintain group authenticity and cohesion within the disjointed nature of the dominant culture.    This is where Song comes in. Through sounding and singing together we literally tune in to each other’s individual voices and the group voice.  Music has always been an essential thread in the fabric of communities and families, a powerful tool that helps bring us back to center.  Through these workshops we reclaim this tool as a joyous, essential element of group work.


Sound to Song Workshops typically span 3 hours.  

Cost varies depending on the size of group and other factors.

Do you know of a non-profit or support group or organization that would benefit from this work?  Would you like to experience this workshop in a group that you are part of?

We aim to offer this at low to no cost to several groups a year.

If you would like to sponsor a group workshop, or if you would like to request a low cost workshop for a group you are part of, please inquire with Tasya.

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“When we deny or repress our pain for the world, or treat it as a private pathology, our power to take part in the healing of our world is diminished.  We can only free ourselves from our fears of the pain–including the fear of getting permanently mired in despair or shattered by grief–when we allow ourselves to experience these feelings. Only then can we discover their fluid, dynamic character. Only then can they reveal on a visceral level our mutual belonging to the web of life.”

Joanna Macy